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FastBerry Autoflower

Fast Buds seeds

  • €4000

  • Feminized autoflowering seed
  •  Mostly indica
  • THC: 18 %
  • CBD: 1,0 %  
  • Genetics:  USA Blueberry line x Ruderalis
  • Flowering: 63 days from germination
  • Yield: 50-250 gr/plant
  • Yield m2: 400-500 gr/m2
  • Height: 70-120 cm

FastBerry is a short, sturdy and stocky plant producing heavy, compact buds. We developed it from USA Blueberry line (BC oldschool feno) and our famous Canadian ruderalis. Most plants display the famous blue/purple light colouring on low temperature level. Fastberry has a long-lasting Indica high with a body stoned sensation. The finished product has a very fruity aroma and taste of blueberry.


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